Powered byTradeshift Buy: A Deep Dive into Tradeshift’s eProcurement Offering

“This is really big…it will be revolutionary.” Follow Spend Matters Pro as they deep-dive into Tradeshift’s eProcurement offering, Tradeshift Buy, in this independent 3-Part research series. Get a sense for Tradeshift’s current and future vision for eProcurement, what that means for the future of business and your business.

  1. Part 1: What’s the solution that’s bringing shopping, search and buying capabilities for businesses into the 21st century? Tradeshift tools, Tradeshift Product Engine, and the big reveal.
  2. Part 2: How Tradeshift drives demand to its network, and identification of the application’s key strengths and opportunities. Plus, what’s the big deal with Buy Anywhere?
  3. Part 3: Why Tradeshift is the most interesting P2P product launch in over a decade, and a peek at what the future will bring.

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