Tradeshift® Cash

Get your invoices paid early

Get fast and affordable working capital on your invoices and improve your cash flow on the Tradeshift platform.

Introducing an instant invoice financing solution for micro, small and mid-sized businesses

With Tradeshift Cash, you can capitalize on your unpaid invoices by selling them at a discount to a community of investors. You decide how much capital and when you need it by, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with it.

How it works

Financing for invoices of all amounts

Tradeshift Cash uses your invoice - and business history on Tradeshift to match your needs with offers from our investor community.

Using Blockchain for positive change

We’re using blockchain technology to remove barriers of entry both for investors and small business participants, so that we can ensure the best possible early payment offers on an open and competitive market.

Say goodbye to factoring

Your history and relationships are valuable but dormant assets. Tradeshift Cash utilizes the knowledge and data in the Tradeshift network to provide tailored and optimized offers for your business.

Oden Makiwa
“The most important thing for me is to be able to meet my obligations. An improved cash flow via Tradeshift Cash helps me do this”
‐ Oden Makiwa, CEO and Partner Ellie Sunrise Healthcare, UK.

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